Dealing with rodent droppings is a pain. It is enough trouble to have to go through the process of exterminating the rodents. Cleanup can be just as time and cost consuming, which is why a professional should always be hired. Attempting rodent dropping cleanup on one’s own can result in sickness and improper sanitation. A proper company will have a highly-trained team with the proper certification to safely and efficiently remove rodent droppings. When faced with cleanup, hiring a cleanup company is always best.

A qualified cleanup company will use highly trained technicians to clean up the rodent droppings. When deciding on a company check for prior experience and certifications. A rodent dropping cleanup company will have a plethora of prior clients who can vouch for them.

With their prior experience, a company offering rodent dropping removal should have the proper certifications for the job. Bloodborne Pathogen Training is one of the certifications to check for. Technicians who have been trained in bloodborne pathogens will understand the dangers that come with the feces of rodents and how to handle them accordingly. In addition, they will have Respiratory Protection training – which ensures their safety on the job as well. Both these trainings will ensure the safety of the property owners.

The equipment the company uses will also tell a lot about their level of care and experience. What are the technicians wearing when on the job? A good company and properly trained technicians will be in proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment includes goggles, gloves, respirators, and any other gear required to keep them safe on the specific job.  The ensemble worn should cover their body entirely and clearly offer the protection required. A company whose technicians are dressed for the job are best prepared for the job.

When rodent droppings are a problem, leave it to the professionals. An individual does not have the training or know-how to properly clean and disinfect areas where rodent droppings are present. Make sure to do due diligence on a rodent droppings cleanup company before hiring them. Use the information above to vet them before hiring and always remember to keep yourself safe.