Crime scene cleanup cost varies greatly with every job.  We do not estimate jobs over the phone because we must inspect all the elements.  There are so many variables that exist that it would be impossible for us to determine the cost without seeing the area.  Our pricing complies with industry standards.  Most insurance companies and police departments recommend us.

Our company policy is to send two to three technicians to each project.  This expedites the process so we can leave you to be with your family in this tragic time.  We provide extensive documentation for each project.  Before, during and after photographs are taken to document the process for your insurance company.

Crime scene cleanup costs are dictated by the quantity of rooms affected, the type of flooring, whether sub-flooring was effected, if drywall needs to be removed, if there is an odor, if we need to paint, and if we need to treat the air conditioning system for the mal odor.  All of these factors are vastly different for every scene.

While most insurance companies cover the cost of crime scene cleanup, we cannot guarantee that yours will.  When filing a claim the representative will not be able to ensure coverage either.

Commercial offices and industrial accidents are also areas where we have decontaminated crime scenes.  It is important that businesses have a plan of action should a tragedy occur.  Crime scene cleanup should be a part of every businesses disaster preparedness plan.