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How to Remove Finger Print Dust from your Home

By | November 3rd, 2014|Blog|

Do you need to know how to remove finger print dust from your home? Sounds like it would be common sense and easy but many people mess it up and cause a larger mess than what was originally there. If you have experience a break in, or a home invasion you likely have graphite finger [...]

How to Remove Blood from Carpet

By | November 3rd, 2014|Blog|

Many people call our office and ask how to remove blood from carpet. Accidents happen at home. If you cut yourself and there are some blood droplets on your carpet you can most likely remove the blood and visual stain. If there was a death or a serious accident and the blood is pooled or [...]

Michelle B.

By | November 3rd, 2014|Testimonial|

Laura is so responsive and her team (Roxanne and Jerry) were outstanding….An incredible service…

How to Help a Hoarder

By | November 3rd, 2014|Blog|

We are often asked how to help a hoarder and if there is a certain type of person who tends to be our hoarding clients. The answer is yes and no. Hoarders are male and female, wealthy and middle class, living in apartments and homes. The commonality however is that hoarders are all educated, depressed [...]

Tear Gas Removal

By | November 3rd, 2014|Blog|

Tear gas removal is extremely specialized and difficult work. We get a lot of calls and questions on how to remove tear gas from homes. If we answered those questions we wouldn’t be in business. Spaulding Decon has a proprietary method for removing tear gas from homes. We can neutralize the gas, and salvage all [...]

Meth Labs in Hotels

By | November 3rd, 2014|Blog|

Meth labs in hotels are becoming more frequent. The reason is that meth cooks have anonymity in hotels. They can check in for a few days, cook their meth, and check out undetected. This also protects their homes from search warrants. If meth cooks are mobile they have less of a chance of getting caught. [...]

We will buy your house cash!

By | November 3rd, 2014|Blog, News|

Decontaminating a home can be expensive. If you do not have homeowners insurance it may be too expensive for you to do. There are options. We will buy your house cash as is, anywhere in the US. If your home has been busted as a former Meth lab and the tenants are now in jail [...]

Julie K

By | November 3rd, 2014|Testimonial|

I was extremely apprehensive about hiring a hoarding cleanup company for my mothers home. I was worried about strangers being in the house and touching all her personal belongings. A supervisor came to her home and met with both of us and discussed pricing and our expectations. We knew all the pricing up front and [...]